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Campus Events and Activities

Your institution should ensure equal opportunities for students in the academic and non-academic programs, including housing, counseling, student organizations, and student activities.

Take Control of Your Online Learning: Tips for Deaf College Students

Whether you have taken an online class before or are new to this, here are some strategies for you to take control of your online learning and set yourself up for success!

Remote Access Services: Tips for Students

Successful and effective services comes with cooperative contributions and efforts by all. Here are a few tips for students to encourage a positive experience using remote services!

Persevering Through Uncertainty: Stories from Deaf Students

In recent years, finding ways to connect with students has been a challenge for disability services professionals, educators, and administrators.

This live online discussion featured a diverse panel of deaf students attending a variety of universities, technical schools and colleges. The panelists gave professionals and educators the opportunity to learn directly from deaf students, who shared their experiences navigating online classes, managing accommodations, and dealing with stress.

Understand Your Rights

Do you have access to everything your campus has to offer?

An important part of self-advocacy is to know the laws that protect you as you continue school or training after high school. It’s also important to know how to request accommodations through the disability student services (DSS) office on your campus, and how to file a complaint if you did not get the accommodations you need or were not approved for in a timely manner. Check out the resources below to learn more!

Course-Related Accommodations

Speciality courses present unique situations and therefore require unique accommodations. Use the resources below to help you prepare for foreign language and music classes, study abroad opportunities, and experiences with internships and fieldwork!

Specific Accommodations

Check out these resources to ensure your access to the accommodations that you need in order to set yourself up for success!

Using Hearing Assistive Devices at Home:
5 Tips for Deaf College Students
Dual Accommodations
Assistive Listening Systems 101: Tips for Students
Supporting Deaf Veterans
Assistive Listening Systems 101:
Template Student Evaluation Form
Planning Guide: Certification and Licensure Exams
Student Planning Guide: Testing and Accommodations
Remote Access Services: Student Evaluation Template
Using Hearing Assistive Devices at Home: 5 Tips for Deaf College Students

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