How can I prepare if colleges continue online classes in the summer and fall?

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  • Connect with your instructors before classes begin. Ask questions such as:
    • What learning management system (LMS, such as Blackboard or Canvas) will the instructor use? Let the instructor know the service providers will need to have access to the course and materials.
    • Is the class asynchronous (at your own pace with due dates) or synchronous (meets weekly at a certain/time date, often with live video)? This information can help with submitting your request for accommodations to the disability services office.
    • Will the instructor show any videos or other media? Make sure the instructor is aware of your school’s captioned media procedure and if any audio content (e.g podcasts) needs to be captioned. Ask your instructor to require accurate captions for student submitted videos.
  • Keep in touch with your disability services office. Share experiences such as:
    • Importance of consistent service providers for classes, especially if hiring remote providers.
    • What accommodations worked best in certain formats or classes. For example, request an interpreted version of a pre-recorded lecture rather than relying on captioning if there is also a powerpoint going at the same time.
    • Discuss a back-up plan with the disability office in case technology fails to ensure you have access to the material.
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Updated on July 29, 2022

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