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In 2021, 1.9% of people in the United States are deaf – learn more about the educational and employment experiences of deaf people by exploring our new interactive data dashboard! National and state level data are available. 

As deaf people leave high school and prepare for college or careers, the National Deaf Center wants them to succeed. Our research shows that over the past decade more deaf people are completing college degrees and getting jobs, but not at the same rate as hearing people. We’re here to change that. National Deaf Center uses the best available evidence to help you make better informed decisions. This evidence comes from community expertise, national surveys, secondary analyses of large-scale data, and reviews of research. Looking for specific research or data? Contact the NDC Help Team and make a request.

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Deaf Youth: What Does the Data Tell Us?

Deaf young people in the United States who are between the age of 16 and 24 are a highly diverse group – while some of them


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