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NDC offers a variety of free online learning opportunities to support the postsecondary success of deaf students. Earn professional development clock hours by completing one of our modules or dig deeper and enroll in one of our facilitated courses. Individuals who take classes with NDC | learn will be able to view real stories shared by deaf people across the country, discuss concerns and challenges with others, and learn from national experts. Information on all of our current courses is available on our Canvas Catalog.

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A curly brown haired person in a white turtleneck sweater looking confused looking at a paper. There is also a laptop on the table.
PD Clock Hours: 15
Strengthen accommodations practices by utilizing data-driven decision-making with deaf students. Analyze current practices, assess existing...
Group of diverse people in colorful clothes checking planners with a calendar in background.
PD Clock Hours: 15
Improving Campus Access is a facilitated course that provides basic knowledge and the tools necessary...
rainbow silhouettes of mulitple people facing in all directions with conversation bubbles above them
PD Clock Hours: 15
Decisions are made for and on behalf of deaf people without involving them every day....
Two male presenting adults in bright neon yellow safety jackets and safety goggles are sitting side by side in front of a complex computer system with many wires
PD Clock Hours: 1
Providing deaf students opportunities to apply what they learn in the classroom to career settings...
Black history month celebration of diversity and African culture pride as a multi cultural celebration.
PD Clock Hours: 1
Data can help prioritize and identify the biggest needs in our community or help us...
Group of hands engaged in numbers of one to five in sign language.
PD Clock Hours: 1
Data drives decision-making. When you want to improve existing programs and services, prepare a proposal...
Black honeycomb as background with a image showing the symbol of assistive listening system.
PD Clock Hours: 1
Relying on amplification devices or residual hearing alone may not be enough to access communication,...
A group of people sitting in a lecture hall, with some of them using laptops and computers. They are watching someone giving a lecture.
PD Clock Hours: 1
Learn how to design an accessible and equitable learning environment for college and high school...
This is a rectangular image presenting a chart depicting the earnings of hearing people and deaf people. The X-axis represents age, ranging up to 60 years, while the Y-axis represents earnings, going up to $60,000. The chart visually displays the comparison between the earning trends of the two groups. It provides valuable information regarding the relationship between age and income for both hearing and deaf individuals
PD Clock Hours: 1
Data, data, DATA! Data is everywhere, but how do we use data to make decisions,...
This image is a screenshot from a video conference between four people. Out of the four people, the names of the three people are as follows, Diego, Mark Ramirez & Dominic Gordine. Below their image, there is a logo of NDC & below that the text " Mentoring Deaf Youth Leads to #DeafSuccess"
PD Clock Hours: 1
Mentoring opportunities offer valuable experiences that can be life-changing. Yet, the number of opportunities or...
This image is a screenshot from a video conference between two women. Below their image, there is a logo of NDC & below that the text " Centralized Systems That Promote #DeafSuccess at Schools and Universities"
PD Clock Hours: 1
While more than 200,000 deaf students attend colleges nationwide, many colleges and universities are often...
This is a square image. The image is divided into four quadrants. The Top Left section has a green background and on that, there is the text " NDC LIVE PANEL for Deaf People, By Deaf People: Centering Deaf People in System Change. December 8 - 3 pm CT. Top Right section there is a close-up image of a man wearing a black suit with a blue shirt, He is Bald and has black ear studs. In the bottom left section, there is a close-up image of a woman with curly brown hair. The bottom right section has an image of a man wearing sunglasses, a grey t-shirt & a cap. There is water in the background.
PD Clock Hours: 1
This upcoming live event panel is an opportunity for panelists to learn directly from the...
This is a rectangular image. On the Top left, there is the Logo & Text of the National Deaf Center on Post Secondary Outcomes. Below that, there is a blue background & in that, there is the text " Deaf People Leading the Way". On the right side, there is an image of a person with short hair, wearing eyeglasses & blue dotted shirt. The person's name is Diego Guerra.
PD Clock Hours: 1
Decisions are made every day about deaf people’s lives without involving deaf people. This needs...
This is a rectangular image. This appears to be a screenshot from a video call between two women. On the left, the woman is sitting in front of a black background. She has straight brown hair and is wearing a grey jacket with a purple shirt inside. On the right, the background is blue & the woman is wearing an eyeglass, has curly black hair, and is wearing a black jacket pinkish purple shirt inside. Below that there is the text " Does Auto Captioning Help Deaf People?"
PD Clock Hours: 1
Many colleges and schools are relying upon automatic captions as a quick and cheap way...
This is a rectangular image resembling a webinar poster. The poster features the text 'Preparing Access Services for Deaf College Students: Tips & Resources - Webinar' prominently displayed. Right to the text, there are images of two individuals, Stephanie Zito and Kate Lewandowski, who will be leading the webinar.
PD Clock Hours: 1
Are you a Disability Services Provider looking to provide strong support to your deaf students?...
This is a rectangular image resembling a cover picture. At the top, there is the logo of NDC (National Deaf Center). In the center, the text 'What are Assistive Listening Systems?' is displayed prominently. Below the text, there are images of Sartrah Sparks and Kate Lewandowski, who are associated with the topic.
PD Clock Hours: 1
Are you interested in learning more about assistive listening devices and how they can help...
This image is rectangular. On the left side, there is white background. There is the text " Making Graduation Accessible", below that there is the logo of NDC & text " Webinar with Lore Kinast". In the Right section, there is an image of a lady with blonde hair wearing an eyeglass, grey jacket, and a black top.
PD Clock Hours: 1
Are you looking to create a truly memorable graduation ceremony for your students and their...
Middle age hispanic woman doing video call using sign language at the office
PD Clock Hours: 1
Are you interested in learning how to coordinate accommodations and services for deaf individuals in...
This image appears to be from a classroom. This shows a young male student sitting & appears to be writing on paper with a laptop next to it. He is wearing a blue t-shirt. In the background of the image, there are blurred images of other students.
PD Clock Hours: 1
Historically tests are often used to make decisions about educational promotion, placement, and even used...
A collage featuring hundreds of variety people.
PD Clock Hours: 1
Are you committed to improving programs and services for deaf people using a systems lens?...
This image shows a man who appears to be working on a laptop. He is wearing a jeans shirt.
PD Clock Hours: 1
The increase in online engagement for learning and interacting is undeniable. During the pandemic, many...
This image shows a person who is having a video conference on his laptop with other people.
PD Clock Hours: 1
Deaf students enrolling in colleges across the country are on the rise and securing access...
A long curly haired person in glasses talking using sign language and in the background it looks like a mechanical shop full of tools.
PD Clock Hours: 1
Captioned media is a hot topic on campuses today as the way we access media...
The image shows a person in blue jean jacket and glasses speaking and there is another person in a brown jacket interpreting.
PD Clock Hours: 1
Sign language interpreting is one of several accommodations deaf people may use in educational and...
This image shows a man having a video conference call with a woman on his laptop. The laptop is on a wooden desk.
PD Clock Hours: 1
As an instructor or service provider, you may be seeking resources regarding accessible learning and...
A group of people gathered around laptop talking. There is a colorful mural in the background.
PD Clock Hours: 1
Historically, decisions impacting communities, especially communities with marginalized identities, are not part of the decision-making...
The picture depicts a short black haired person in a black shirt writing on a whiteboard.
PD Clock Hours: 1
One of many barriers to successful postsecondary outcomes for deaf people is the impact of...
This is a horizontal black & white image with photographs of seven individuals one next to each other. In the middle of the image, there is a sentence that reads as " Deaf people are not all the same"
PD Clock Hours: 1
Deaf people are not all the same. While some deaf people may have similar or...
The image shows a person indoors signing in front of a laptop, presumably using it.
PD Clock Hours: 1
Effective accommodations make it possible for deaf individuals to both receive and convey information in...
A close up picture of a classroom full of students working on something on their desks.
PD Clock Hours: 1
Deaf people are highly diverse in language usage, identity, race, ethnicity, and in terms of...
The image appears to show a teacher in front of a whiteboard giving a presentation to a group of people.
PD Clock Hours: 1
Understanding root causes is an important step for moving beyond temporary solutions to address the...
A close up of a person's hands typing on a external keyboard to connect with the computer.
Speech-to-Text services are increasingly being used in educational settings as a means to providing effective...
This image shows is taken from the front of a classroom and shows students sitting on their chairs while writing something on the books or paper.
PD Clock Hours: 0
Note Taker Training is a self-guided training that defines the role of the note taker and...

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