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Learn more with NDC! We offer a range of online learning opportunities and webinars for professionals who work with deaf people and an online game for deaf youth who are getting ready for life after high school.


Learn from our experts, dive deep into new research and resources, and engage with each other at NDC’s online events and conference presentations.

Online Learning Opportunities

Self Paced Modules

Self paced modules are 1 hour learning topics centering on deaf awareness, systems knowledge, and accessibility practices. Each module is asynchronous and uses incremental learning to increase awareness and knowledge on specific topics. NDC self paced modules utilize a microlearning perspective, which incorporates small chunks of learning content that are visual and more interactive in nature.

Facilitated Online Learning Courses

Facilitated online learning courses are a mixture of self paced learning, live Zoom sessions, and independent artifact creation. Facilitated online learning courses focus on implementation of knowledge acquired through previous NDC learning opportunities and require a 3 week, 15 hour commitment with a group of learners. Upon completion of the facilitated online learning course, participants will have created an artifact that they will be able to implement in their work.

NDC OnDemand Webinar Modules

The National Deaf Center (NDC) provides OnDemand webinars, which are pre-recorded presentations that cover topics such as deaf awareness, system knowledge, and accessibility practices. These webinars offer greater flexibility than our live online events, allowing viewers to watch the content at their own pace and on their own schedule. Each webinar offers valuable guidance, evidence-based practices, and resources to help implement the knowledge gained.

The OnDemand webinars were recorded during the live event, ensuring that viewers do not miss any content, including the Q&A portion. These webinars are designed to be less than an hour long and feature interactive components to keep participants engaged throughout the session. In addition, OnDemand webinars offer an opportunity to engage in dialog with others about the content and its implementation. Scheduling conflicts or last minute interruptions are no longer a problem. Registration is not even required, simply login to our online learning catalog to access the webinars.

Digital badges and continuing professional education hours are available for all OnDemand webinars.

*Sign language interpreting and captions are provided for all recordings. Transcripts, presentations slides, and related supporting resources are available at the end of the webinar.


Deafverse is a choose-your-own-adventure online game created just for deaf teenagers, where they can learn important skills for success in high school and beyond. Players get to make their own choices, stand up for themselves, and build confidence and skills they can use in real life.

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