Caroline K. Koo

Caroline K. Koo is an Adjunct Professor in Student Development and a Registration Liaison at Austin Community College in Austin, Texas.  Her extensive teaching experience and volunteerism span over two decades, during which she has worked with Deaf students across a wide age range, from Early Childhood to Adult Learners. Currently, Caroline is pursuing a […]

Jana Mauldin

A vulnerable interpreter and passionate presenter focused on authentic connections.

Christopher Moreland

Academic physician, educator, innovator engaged in driving equitable access to healthcare, education, and careers.

Jonah Winninghoff

Beyond crunching numbers, analyst delivers results with meaning and integrity.

Carmen Rodriguez, M.A.

Technology savvy professional advocating for diversity, equity, inclusion and access for all!

Kah Mendoza

Kah is an enthusiastic artist and filmmaker who also enjoys various forms of media art, such as digital illustration and digital/film photography. With a deep passion for storytelling and a commitment to initiating conversations, Kah leverages their creative skills to illuminate vital issues. Kah’s journey in the world of media began at an early age. […]

Crescenciano Garcia

This image is of a man named Crescenciano Garcia who is standing in front of a building on which the name " George L Sanchez Building " is mentioned. He appears to be wearing a brown jacket with a T-shirt inside and is sporting an "I Love You" sign with the fingers on his right hand.

Crescenciano has provided access and served as a communication bridge via sign and spoken language interpreting for close to three decades. He has worked in multiple settings: business, academic, entertainment and religious. In 2015, Crescenciano became the only multi-lingual, multi-cultural sign language interpreter to have also played one on television, on a then-popular sign language […]

William Albright

This is an image of a man named William Albright. He is standing leaning backward on a tree. He is wearing a thick fleece jacket and also has eyeglass. He has thick curly hair.

William Albright believes that the point of life is to live without unnecessary struggle. With a software development background, William uses computers to solve problems at scale but is also eager for human solutions. He found this balance in a National Deaf Center approach to postsecondary outcomes: Deafverse, a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure game that teaches Deaf kids […]

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