Saul Orellana


Program Support Specialist

A buzz cut brown haired person in glasses and blue long sleeve shirt smiling.

Saul is currently pursuing his undergraduate studies at Texas State University, and is double-majoring in history and education. As the only deaf individual in his family, he found a sense of belonging and purpose within the deaf community early on. His journey has ignited a profound passion for advocating for deaf youth, especially those who do not come from deaf families or who have limited exposure to the deaf community.

Saul has an unwavering commitment to reshaping the education system in order to improve deaf youth with pathways to success. He greatly enjoys facilitating access to resources and brings his enduring passion and compassion to the forefront in his professional work. He is driven to create a more inclusive and supportive environment for all deaf individuals and looks forward to opportunities to contribute to their academic success and personal growth!

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