Leele Girma


Social Media Coordinator

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Leele is a Dallas, Texas raised and a proud Ethiopian with a passion for social justice, belonging, and communication accessibility. During her college years in RIT/NTID, she served as a mentor and student leader for several committees and helped lead students to receive the best tools necessary to navigate their array of journeys with much ease. She studied and gained knowledge of how resources could be developed to best solve students’ needs and how to instill those skills when entering the real world, including providing advocacy and self- advocacy tools to juniors and seniors from high schools that seek to transit into college or in the working field. After attending RIT/NTID, she worked with multiple professional advocates, local, state wide, and nation wide to spread awareness of their nonprofit organizations where she also absorbs and shares information to the deaf community via in person and social media. Since the beginning of COVID-19 pandemic, Leele worked as an Access Specialist for the City of Dallas, advocating for the deaf and hard of hearing individuals of all ages to break down the barriers when receiving services from public/private entities, including workplace, medical offices, legal hearings, housing and many more. Having that firsthand taste of going through obstacles as a Ethiopian, deaf, woman, social media was the core to access resources and she saw it as the advantage of having multiple platforms to be shared and connected with social media users. Having the community to be intertwined at the touch of their fingertips to benefit from an organization is something that Leele grew passionate about since the era of social media had started. Bridging the passions of advocacy and accessible contents together that’ll reach thousands of people, Leele strives to engage the community in learning how to navigate and be an expert advocate without barriers.

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