Jonah Winninghoff

Data Analyst

As a deaf person who combated financial inequality, contributing to research and data dissemination that addresses inequities within the deaf community is important—professionally and personally.

He is employed as a data analyst at the National Deaf Center, having previously served as a statistician at the Rochester Institute of Technology. His educational background includes M.S. degree in Applied Economics from Johns Hopkins University, and dual B.A. degrees in International Studies and Government from Gallaudet University. He has been consulted by numerous directors, professors, and research assistants, and made significant contribution to publishing and propagating their studies. He has held both leading author and co-author of several academic papers and individualized reports.

As a data analyst proficient in the data science lifecycle, Jonah Winninghoff constructed a dashboard capable of handling over 15,000 queries and generating reports for all 50 states—with a specific focus on deaf postsecondary outcomes. The dashboard is built with accessibility in mind, often referred to “a11y.”

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