Crescenciano Garcia

Access Specialist

This image is of a man named Crescenciano Garcia who is standing in front of a building on which the name " George L Sanchez Building " is mentioned. He appears to be wearing a brown jacket with a T-shirt inside and is sporting an "I Love You" sign with the fingers on his right hand.
Crescenciano has provided access and served as a communication bridge via sign and spoken language interpreting for close to three decades. He has worked in multiple settings: business, academic, entertainment and religious. In 2015, Crescenciano became the only multi-lingual, multi-cultural sign language interpreter to have also played one on television, on a then-popular sign language TV show. After spending two-thirds of his sign language interpreting career pounding the pavement with onsite interpreting, in 2010 Crescenciano began to focus on providing access in an online setting and doing so with not only function but also form. In the last decade, he has developed the concept of a crisp, clean professional video interpreting room and a video editing prowess that allows him to place a sign language interpreter on any online video media, thus providing sign language access in an aesthetically pleasing way. Crescenciano loves swimming, hiking, skateboarding, roller skating, welding, gardening and the beach. He has a deep commitment to making sure every voice is heard in every conversation regardless language or the auditory versus visual modality of the speaker and believes that through collaboration we can definitely all reach heights beyond ourselves.

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