Deaf People and Educational Attainment in the United States

This is an image with green background. On top there is an illustration of a graduation diploma and below that there is the text " Deaf People and Employment in The United States: 2019", followed by the text " Carrie Lou Garberoglio, Jeffrey Levi Palmer, Stephanie Cawthon, and Adam Sales.

Continuing education and training after high school is becoming increasingly important for successful independent living and employment in the United States. Recognizing the great need for skilled employees who can meet the competitive demands of the modern workforce, legislators and public policymakers are working to facilitate conditions that support continuing education and training for all people. Legislation has increased the accessibility of postsecondary education and training programs for deaf people, who are now enrolled in a wide variety of educational programs across the United States. Current data on educational attainment for deaf people suggest areas of optimism, but also areas of concern.  

Video Archive: Deaf People and Educational Attainment in the United States: 2017

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