2023 Southeast Regional Institute on Deafness Conference

Event Date: October 26, 2023
A poster for the SERID Conference taking place on October 26-29, 2023. It features a city skyline with a sunset in the background.

The National Deaf Center on Postsecondary Outcomes is looking forward to attending the South East Regional Institute On Deafness annual conference this year in Charlotte, NC, from October 26th-29th, 2023!

This year’s theme is “Making Connections to Build Bridges because Working Together: We Create Change!” This is an exciting opportunity for Disability Services Professionals to participate in learning opportunities and develop connections.

Conference Topics

This conference will be primarily centered on (but not limited to):

Employment Workshops
Mental Health

College Programs
Communication Aids
Emerging Programs

The conference will also include an Exhibit Hall with a variety of vendors in attendance, and is designed to promote networking, knowledge sharing, and professional development.

NDC's Conference Sessions

NDC will be presenting the following sessions at the 2023 SERID Conference:

Transition Planning: Connecting Deaf High School Youth to Opportunities

Understanding the characteristics and experiences of deaf youth can better prepare organizations and schools to support increased opportunities for success. There is data that reveals educational systems and supports continue to have disparate impact on postsecondary outcomes for deaf youth. When comparing deaf and hearing youth, the substantial gaps that have been documented among the adult population are already taking shape between the ages of 14 and 24. Access barriers and opportunity gaps experienced by deaf youth matter because they grow over time, and can have long-lasting impact.

Fri, Oct 27th

Lore Kinast & Malibu Barron

Community Conversations as a Strategy to Strengthen Engagement

Community conversations have been used across the nation as an effective strategy for mobilizing communities, asset mapping, and identifying needs for community improvement. This session focuses on how community conversations are used to harvest knowledge and resources that communities hold to drive for systems change in deaf communities. Participants will learn about the impact of systemic inequities and marginalization on deaf people and deaf communities’ experiences and strategies for engaging deaf communities in systems change.

Fri, Oct 27th

Diego Ozuna-Clark & Jen Higgins

Using Data for Deaf Youth Program Decision Making: Strategies and Practices

Are you working with or interested in engaging with others in your state to improve deaf youth education and employment outcomes? This session is intended for cross-agency state teams interested in developing or strengthening programs and practices. Participants will learn from model state teams about their experience using data to support their priorities. Participants will have opportunities for group discussions with facilitators and hands-on data activities to understand how to use data for decision-making.

Sat, Oct 28th


Jen Higgins, Lore Kinast, Diego Ozuna-Clark and Malibu Barron with State Partners: Katie Scheetz (Ohio), Wendy Eufemia and Tanya Onsongo (NJ), Elise Knopf and Mary Cashman-Bakken (MN)


A short brown haired person in a blue flower printed buttoned up blouse smiling.

Malibu Barron

Malibu Barron (she/her) is a Strategic Support Specialist with the National Deaf Center. She identifies herself as a Deaf Multiracial ciswoman, a second-year doctoral student...
This is an image of a woman named Jennifer Higgins. She is smiling and posing in front of the camera. She is wearing a sweater-like top. She has short brown hair and she has earrings.

Jen Higgins

Jen Higgins has 15 years of experience managing research and development programs that focus on accessibility. Over this time, she has led the coordination of...
A long glassed haired dirty blond person in a black shirt and blazer and colorful earrings smiling

Lore Kinast, EdD

Dr. Lore Kinast is a change agent working to address accessibility barriers that deaf students face in higher education settings. Her interest in education and...
A short black haired person in glasses and green button up shirt smiling.

Diego Ozuna-Clark

Diego Ozuna-Clark is dedicated to fostering community engagement. In their role as Strategic Support Coordinator, Diego focuses on community initiatives designed to unite people and...

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