Equity & Excellence: Access in Higher Education

Event Date: July 10, 2019

Reframing Deaf Services to Ending Band-Aid Solutions, Savio Chan, Tia Ivanko, Lauren Kinast, David Litman, & Stephanie Zito; July 10, 2019

Pre-conference Summary: This pre-conference is an opportunity to make steps towards integrating accessibility for deaf students into the fabric of the institution. The NDC | nav team will guide participants through a self-assessment and planning session to improve access from a systems level. Participants will self-identify areas for improvement, followed by evidence-based recommendations, resources and suggested timelines for implementation.

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Back to the Basics: Assistive Listening Devices for Disability Service Providers, Tia Ivanko & David Litman; July 12, 2019

Presentation Summary: This session is an opportunity to go “back to the basics” to obtain information, tools, and resources to support the range of deaf students using ALDs. Participants will be provided with a overview of assistive listening technologies including a frame for differentiating between institutional responsibility and personal responsibility, standard practices for purchasing, and tips on maintaining systems.

Navigating Captions and YouTube Media, Lauren Kinast & Stephanie Zito; July 13, 2019

Presentation Summary: YouTube is a common instructional resource, but more often than not it is not accessible for deaf students. Institutions are experiencing similar challenges to ensure compliance with both accessibility and copyright laws. This session will address the complexities of captioning YouTube and offer viable solutions.

Disability Service Professionals Guide to Deaf Services: Tools for Implementation, Tia Ivanko & Lauren Kinast; July 13, 2019

Presentation Summary: The National Deaf Center on Postsecondary Outcomes has developed a series of resources, “a toolkit”, for disability service providers to draw from as they navigate accommodations and auxiliary services for deaf students. This session will guide participants through accommodation practices, disseminate resources, and offer a framework for both, novice and experienced providers to add to professional repertoire.

Captioned Media: Responsibility, Policies, & Strategies, Dave Litman & Stephanie Zito; July 13, 2019

Presentation Summary: Captioned media has become a topic of focus for postsecondary institutions due to the increased technology demands including archived lecture videos, pre-recorded lectures for online courses, and online media content used in the classroom. With the expansive growth of online learning opportunities, it is essential to give global consideration to the accessibility needs of students with disabilities. For deaf people this means adding high quality captions to media such as streamed live content, taped videos, and other media. Recent litigation has also emphasized institutions have a responsibility to both the campus community and the general public in regards to online presence and accessibility. This poster is designed to support institutions to take a proactive approach to captioning media by offering considerations for policy and strategies for practical implementation of protocol. NDC staff and resources will be available to support general and specific inquiries.

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This is an image of Tia Ivanko. The image shows her smiling at the camera. she has curly hair and brown eyes.

Tia Ivanko, MA, NIC, ADAC

Tia Ivanko, M.S.,NIC, ADAC is an educator passionate about addressing inequities in education for deaf learners. She is committed to improving systems and increasing the...

Lore Kinast, EdD

Dr. Lore Kinast is a change agent working to address accessibility barriers that deaf students face in higher education settings. Her interest in education and...

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