Shira and Felicia’s Reminder That Each Student is Different

Sep 30, 2020

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Text insert appears: Effective Communication. Community Stories: Shira Grabelsky, Felicia Williams.
A circular logo has a green flower-like leaf and bud. White text to the right reads NDC National Deaf Center on Postsecondary Outcomes.
A woman has blonde wavy hair pulled back behind her head. She wears a blue singlet and black-rimmed glasses. A long thin chain hangs around her neck with some small gold and gemstone trinkets attached.
She sits outdoors near a small waterfall on a rocky stream. She uses sign language.
I feel it’s hard to say there is a most effective strategy, it’s not “one size fits all.” It is dependent on the individual, and what THEY need and want, and then respect that the individual knows what’s best for themselves. I think that would be the most effective. It is also important that the person realizes what it is they need. Often, that’s learned by trial and error. So, that’s important too. Self-awareness, as well as communicating what you need and trusting that those needs will be met.
A young woman has long black hair and wears a cream cardigan over a tan shirt. A black patterned scarf hangs loosely around her neck and she has a small silver ring through the septum of her nose.
She stands in a light-filled glass building and uses sign language.
As I had mentioned, I was mainstreamed. In that experience, I had interpreters and note-takers but not CART. It was a challenging experience because the sign language access was not always great and films we watched in class were not always captioned.

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