Saad’s Story: Access in Classroom

Sep 30, 2020

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Saad Ghani, Access in Classroom


For those of you who don’t know, the FM system is a microphone where you can hang it around a professor’s neck with their permission, and when the professor starts speaking, the voice will be amplified in my implant. So, it’s like I’m in front of the professor listening to him, and I think it’s one of the best things I had in college because in a classroom of 350 students, I would give the FM system to my professor, go sit in the middle of the class, it’s pretty far away from the professor, but I will be able to hear him clearly and understand him perfectly well and able to learn whatever the professor was teaching.

At the same time, in other classrooms, I would use the CART system, which is a typing system where whatever the professor is talking, someone would be typing up the words, and it will get sent to the iPad I had in my hand. I used that to my advantage a lot, because whenever I’m studying for exams, I would just pull out the CART system from my email, and just read through what the teacher was saying again. So, it was like I was learning the class all over again.


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