Redefining “Evidence-Based”

The image is a green screen with white text that reads: "National Deaf Center on Postsecondary Outcomes" and "Evidence-Based Technical Assistance."

The National Deaf Center strives to provide the highest-quality assistance by incorporating practices that are “evidence-based” – a term that means they have been shown to be the most effective and should be prioritized for use. However, for the deaf population it is a term that falls short.  

In this report, “Evidence-Based Technical Assistance,” we outline the National Deaf Center’s unique approach to expand the concept of “evidence-based” for the deaf community, providing a model for other technical assistance and research centers.

The report addresses:

  • How many practices don’t meet the criteria of “evidence-based” for deaf populations
  • Why work that is done with marginalized communities must include cultural competency and other contexts
  • What other factors, resources and “best available evidence” NDC integrates to provide the most useful and relevant information
  • Examples of evidence-based resources at NDC and how they are developed
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Topic(s): Research & Data

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