Paula’s Story: An Approach to System Change

Sep 29, 2020

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Video Description:
A text insert appears: Paula’s Story, An Approach to System Change. Paula, a white woman, signs.
I like to quote Maya Angelou, where she says; “When people know better, they will do better.” That truly describes our approach, of how we address the systems in place that present barriers for us.
We’ll often reach out and meet with those systems to initiate dialogue and start the education process. We then introduce them to positive role models. We’re a powerhouse when it comes to advocacy and we also believe deaf people can do anything. So we have a responsibility to change the world.
As deaf folks, if people don’t know about us, it’s then our responsibility to educate them and once they know, then they become responsible for what they do with that knowledge.
So sure, belief systems are hard to change, but through modeling, through educating, gathering together and creating partnerships, we are able to divulge our needs and at the same time show that we are equals, just like anyone else.
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