Deaf Individuals and Access to Mental Health Care for Trauma

The content appears to be a research summary about the access to mental health care for trauma in deaf individuals. It discusses the lack of evidence-based and culturally relevant approaches to mental health services for deaf individuals, the use of formal and informal resources in mental health treatment, and the research methods used to gather information from mental health professionals. The article cited is "Trauma and the Use of Formal and Informal Resources in the Deaf Population: Perspectives From Mental Health Service Providers" by Cawthon et al. (2017).

Mental health professionals and researchers have worked to address the lack of evidence-based, culturally relevant, and accessible approaches to mental health services for deaf people. One such area in mental health service provision is trauma and how deaf people access care. Recovery from trauma requires a holistic approach, including both clinical treatment and resources in the community. Both formal and informal resources can support the mental health treatment process.  

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