Deaf 101: How Do Deaf People Listen To Music?

Sep 13, 2019

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TEXT: DEAF 101 – How do deaf people listen to music?
A young black man has buzzcut hair and a small goatee style beard. He wears a navy blue polo shirt. He uses sign language.
I love music! I have to have the volume turned up so I can feel the bass. For me, when I wear my hearing aid, I can hear the lyrics for the most part, but I prefer to hear the sound of the beat, the keys of the piano, or the strum of the guitar. I feel more in tune with the music than I do with the lyrics which may be a good thing because lyrics today are trash. But there are certain songs which I feel connected to.
And yes, many deaf people can feel the beat of the music and that gives us a greater connection to the music, which I think is more of a stress reliever.

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