Communication Strategies

Aug 9, 2012

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A white woman wearing glasses is sitting in a classroom. Text insert appears: Carol Marchetti, Ph.D, Associate Professor. She speaks.
Hi, I’m Carol Marchetti. I’m an associate professor of statistics in the college of science.
Text insert appears: Communication Strategies, DeafTec.
[music playing]
Carol speaks again.
The first thing that I would do during the lecture is to make sure that when I ask a question or ask for input, that I wait, because I need to allow for the lag time that occurs for an interpreter to actually sign my question, or a C-Print person to type it in. And so I try to wait, and make sure that everyone has an opportunity to respond, and not just call on the first person who raises their hand, or take the first answer that someone might shout out, and be done. Because then by the time– right, your deaf students can miss out on it altogether.
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