Captioning In House vs. Outsourcing

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Often, campuses will use a combination of all three approaches. When considering whether to take on the task of captioning in-house, the labor and technology involved in each step of the captioning process must be factored into the overall investment. Initially, in-house captioning may seem more cost effective, but it is important to evaluate if current staff members can meet the demand or if additional support is needed. For example, according to 3PlayMedia, a captioning “rule of thumb” is that it takes 5-10 times the length of the video to caption it. The time required to caption a single video will still vary based on individual skills, length of video, type of video, and content.
In-House Captioning Outsource to Captioning Vendor
  • Quality control for accuracy

  • Ability to control spending through internal resources

  • Save on duplicating efforts
  • Faster turnaround on last-minute requests

  • Bulk discounts

  • Specialized captioning (music, foreign language, technical content, etc.)
  • Initial/ongoing training and software investment
  • Challenge to control costs

  • Quality and accuracy varies by vendort
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