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Published on April 29, 2021

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Did you miss a live event and want to get caught up? We’ve got you covered. Visit the retooled Events and Presentations page from the National Deaf Center on Postsecondary Outcomes (NDC).

Timely Solutions for Real Problems

When COVID hit, people were scrambling to move everything online — work, classes, meetings, and more. People quickly started to feel disconnected, and access became an immediate and pressing issue.

NDC helped fill the void by hosting several free opportunities to connect with other people who were wrestling with the same obstacle — how to stay connected and ensure equitable access online.

“Opportunities to connect via live events is what people needed,” said NDC Associate Director Tia Ivanko. “With limited in-person engagement, live events provided a platform for people to connect, obtain information and resources they need, and share ways to navigate barriers and challenges people are facing right now.”

Make Connections and Get Informed — Even After the Fact

NDC’s online panel discussions and presentations help people troubleshoot accommodations, adapt to online learning, earn professional development credits and much more. Each event featured professionals and experts who shared stories of their lived experiences, in addition to sharing knowledge and resources.

Panelists come from diverse backgrounds, with a wide range of experience and knowledge. They have included:

The response has been amazing, and hundreds of people have attended one or more of these events. After each event, the NDC | help team has been inundated with questions from people who could not attend live.

In response to the overwhelming demand, NDC revisited its Events and Presentations page, adding links to summaries and recordings for past live events, as well as information about upcoming events.

“Sometimes, people learn about our events too late, or the time doesn’t quite fit their schedules,” Ivanko said. “So, where possible, we are making the recordings available. If we don’t have a recording, we have posted summaries of the information and resources.”

Recordings, Summaries and More

Recordings are available for some of NDC’s most popular past live events, including:

The page also has links to presentation materials, event summaries, and more to help people get the information they are looking for.

Find Out More

For more information about NDC’s live events or answers to other questions, reach out to NDC’s help team or read our frequently asked questions. NDC also has hundreds of free resources and free online courses available for agencies, institutions, schools, and deaf students and their families.

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