5 Ways to Go Back to School with #DeafSuccess

Published on August 8, 2019

This image shows four students and they are sitting opposite each other. Two are looking at the laptop while the other two are looking at their books. In the background, there is a text written in big fonts " Back to School with " DeafSuccess "

It’s time to go Back To School with #DeafSuccess! Here are five ways deaf high school students, their teachers, and their families can make the most of the coming school year, and prepare for a successful transition to college, training programs, or jobs.

1.   Explore hundreds of free downloadable resources at nationaldeafcenter.org, where you can also connect with other people looking to make change on local, state, and national levels. 

2.   Don’t miss the resources that address topics that are important as you approach the senior year and beyond — including transition, self-advocacy, and testing and accommodations

3.   Mark your calendar for September 10! That’s when the National Deaf Center officially releases a choose-your-own-adventure online game called Deafverse World One: Duel of the Bots at deafverse.com. Designed just for deaf teens, Deafverse is a fun adventure that can also help build confidence and vital self-determination skills. It comes with supplemental resources for teachers and students, such as a Player Strategy Guide (a comic book-style companion to the game experience to build skills offline), Learning Objectives (a quick reference guide for teachers, parents, and other facilitators), and fun stickers.

4.   Reach out: The National Deaf Center is here to help! Don’t know if the SAT allows accommodations for deaf test-takers? Applying for your first job and unsure how to tell them you need an interpreter for the interview? Want more cool Deafverse stickers? Email us at [email protected] for one-on-one assistance, referrals, and yes, stickers.

5.   You’ve got this! We as deaf people know and understand the obstacles you face daily—at school, in your community, and online. We also believe all deaf people can succeed. Remember that having a role model, getting inspired by other deaf people, building up resilience, and staying motivated will help you overcome obstacles and achieve goals. Have a great school year!

About Back to School with #DeafSuccess: The National Deaf Center on Postsecondary Outcomes launched the Back To School with #DeafSuccess outreach initiative to fulfill its mission to empower all deaf people succeed. Via online communications and mailers sent to 500 high schools throughout the United States, the initiative seeks to support deaf high school-age students, their teachers, and their families navigate the coming school year and prepare for a successful transition to college, training programs, or jobs. It builds upon the National Deaf Center’s popular #DeafSuccess hashtag, which highlights videos, stories, and accomplishments of deaf people. 

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