State Agencies Unite to Advance Equity in Deaf Youth Programs

Published on June 28, 2024

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The National Deaf Center (NDC) hosted a national training session on May 22nd, bringing together 40 participants from various state agencies to focus on advancing equity in programs serving deaf students. This initiative is part of NDC’s ongoing commitment to creating more inclusive and equitable environments for this population.

Comprehensive Equity Training for Building Inclusive Programs

This session was designed to help equip teams with the knowledge and tools needed to support the planning and development of anti-bias and anti-racist policies, practices, and procedures. The May 22nd session followed another session led by Dr. Carrie Lou Bloom earlier this year regarding Root Cause Analysis. This recent quarterly training was designed to be comprehensive and interactive, ensuring participants could fully engage with the material and collaborate with colleagues.

The training featured a flexible and engaging format for deeper understanding:

  • Informative Presentation: Led by Dr. Rezenet Moges-Ridel, the presentation provided valuable insights into the importance of equity in deaf youth programming. Dr. Moges-Ridel’s expertise helped participants understand the critical role of anti-bias and anti-racist policies.
  • Interactive Discussions: Participants had the opportunity to share ideas and experiences during interactive discussions. This fostered a sense of community and collaboration, allowing participants to learn from each other and develop new strategies for promoting equity.
The training aims to have a lasting impact on how programs are designed and implemented for deaf youth by equipping state agencies with a set of practical tools. The focus on anti-bias and anti-racist practices will empower agencies to create inclusive environments. For an example of one training that readers can access, watch this presentation by Dr. Rezenet Moges-Riedel titled “Discontinuing Intersectional Erasure: Exploring Personal Bias When Supporting Deaf Students.” 
“Biases allow us to process and navigate the world and are based on prior knowledge. But at the same time, we have to be open to new information as we see it in the world. And many times when you’re working with different clients you’ll want to continue the practices that you have developed over your career. But they can become very deeply ingrained, and those deeply ingrained practices can become biases.”

Join the Movement for Equity in Education

The NDC team is committed to supporting your efforts. Whether you need personalized assistance, additional training, resources, or accommodation information for deaf students, we are here to help. We offer a variety of online learning resources and tailored support to meet your specific needs. Explore our online resources for tools, guides, and materials designed to promote equity in your programs, or reach out to us for personalized, free, and confidential 1:1 support from our Help Team.

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