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Event Date: November 12, 2018

Captioned Media Developing a Systematic Approach that Meets the Needs of Your Institution, Stephanie Zito and Dave Litman; November 12-16, 2018

Presentation Summary:  Recently, captioned media has become a topic of focus for higher education institutions due to the increased technology demands including archived lecture videos, pre-recorded lectures for online courses, and online media content used in the classroom. Recent litigation has emphasized institutions have a responsibility to both the campus community and the general public in regards to video accessibility. This presentation will focus on various models of campus captioning policies and strategies to streamline the process.

Recommended Resources: Why Captions Provide Equal AccessCreating Offline CaptionsDemystifying Assistive Listening Devices, Dave Litman and Stephanie Zito; November 12-16, 2018

Presentation Summary:  Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs) can improve access to speech perception for deaf students who use hearing aids or cochlear implants. This presentation will provide an overview of ALD technologies through an interactive demonstration, review best-practices for supporting the use of ALDs on campus, and discuss ways to support student self-advocacy.

Recommended Resources: Assistive Listening Systems: An IntroductionAssistive Listening Systems: Choosing the Right Technology for Your CampusCochlear Implants: An IntroductionVisual Fire AlarmsEquitable Access Guide (Second Edition), Interactive Process Tools (Checklist and Sample Interview Questions)

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