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NDC offers a variety of free online learning opportunities to support the postsecondary success of deaf students. Earn professional development clock hours by completing one of our modules or dig deeper and enroll in one of our facilitated courses. Individuals who take classes with NDC | learn will be able to view real stories shared by deaf people across the country, discuss concerns and challenges with others, and learn from national experts. Information on all of our current courses is available on our Canvas Catalog.

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Black honeycomb as background with a image showing the symbol of assistive listening system.
PD Clock Hours: 1
Relying on amplification devices or residual hearing alone may not be enough to access communication,...
A group of people sitting in a lecture hall, with some of them using laptops and computers. They are watching someone giving a lecture.
PD Clock Hours: 1
Learn how to design an accessible and equitable learning environment for college and high school...
This is a rectangular image. This appears to be a screenshot from a video call between two women. On the left, the woman is sitting in front of a black background. She has straight brown hair and is wearing a grey jacket with a purple shirt inside. On the right, the background is blue & the woman is wearing an eyeglass, has curly black hair, and is wearing a black jacket pinkish purple shirt inside. Below that there is the text " Does Auto Captioning Help Deaf People?"
PD Clock Hours: 1
Many colleges and schools are relying upon automatic captions as a quick and cheap way...
This is a rectangular image resembling a webinar poster. The poster features the text 'Preparing Access Services for Deaf College Students: Tips & Resources - Webinar' prominently displayed. Right to the text, there are images of two individuals, Stephanie Zito and Kate Lewandowski, who will be leading the webinar.
PD Clock Hours: 1
Are you a Disability Services Provider looking to provide strong support to your deaf students?...
This image is rectangular. On the left side, there is white background. There is the text " Making Graduation Accessible", below that there is the logo of NDC & text " Webinar with Lore Kinast". In the Right section, there is an image of a lady with blonde hair wearing an eyeglass, grey jacket, and a black top.
PD Clock Hours: 1
Are you looking to create a truly memorable graduation ceremony for your students and their...
Middle age hispanic woman doing video call using sign language at the office
PD Clock Hours: 1
Are you interested in learning how to coordinate accommodations and services for deaf individuals in...
This image appears to be from a classroom. This shows a young male student sitting & appears to be writing on paper with a laptop next to it. He is wearing a blue t-shirt. In the background of the image, there are blurred images of other students.
PD Clock Hours: 1
Historically tests are often used to make decisions about educational promotion, placement, and even used...
This image shows a man who appears to be working on a laptop. He is wearing a jeans shirt.
PD Clock Hours: 1
The increase in online engagement for learning and interacting is undeniable. During the pandemic, many...
A close up of a person's hands typing on a external keyboard to connect with the computer.
Speech-to-Text services are increasingly being used in educational settings as a means to providing effective...
This image shows a person who is having a video conference on his laptop with other people.
PD Clock Hours: 1
Deaf students enrolling in colleges across the country are on the rise and securing access...
A long curly haired person in glasses talking using sign language and in the background it looks like a mechanical shop full of tools.
PD Clock Hours: 1
Captioned media is a hot topic on campuses today as the way we access media...
The image shows a person in blue jean jacket and glasses speaking and there is another person in a brown jacket interpreting.
PD Clock Hours: 1
Sign language interpreting is one of several accommodations deaf people may use in educational and...

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