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March Question of the Month: Internships

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Our March Question of the Month centers on the responsibility of providing accommodations for internships.


Who is responsible for providing accommodations for deaf students during their internships?



The hosting entity, whether a school, employer, or organization, is responsible for ensuring the accessibility of all sponsored programs, activities, and services. When the field experience is viewed as an essential component of the academic program, it is the responsibility of the educational institution to provide and cover the costs of requested accommodations. If the opportunity is provided by an organization or employer, then that organization or employer is responsible. If the intern is classified as an employee, they are entitled to the same protections as other employees under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

This collaboration may involve coordinating with the DS office to determine the specific needs of the deaf student, such as sign language interpreters, captioning services, or other assistive technologies. Clear communication channels between the DS office and the internship location are essential to address any challenges that may arise and to ensure that the accommodations provided align with the unique requirements of the deaf student, ultimately contributing to a positive and equitable internship experience.   

For more information on internships, visit our website through the following link:

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