Chase Burton


Media Producer

This is an image of a man named Chase Burton. He is standing in front of a white wall. He is wearing a formal black jacket with a blue shirt and tie inside and also has eyeglass.
Growing up in southern California, steeped in movie culture with major shoots happening often in his hometown, Chase Burton has had a lifelong fascination with filmmaking. He lived in Australia for one year and studied film history & film theory. Returning to Los Angeles, he studied cinematography & screenwriting, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Cinema & Television Arts from California State University, Northridge. He produced and created films across the country with multiple organizations and companies while volunteering in film festivals and working on movie sets. He photographed the Waorani people in the jungles of Ecuador, filmed deaf children in Jamaica, and wrote while backpacking across Europe, opening his eyes to the kind of meaningful stories he wanted to create. While entertainment is always the goal, Chase believes that film with an emphasis on visuals is a universal tool to highlight important issues the world faces today. He worked with Abused Deaf Women’s Advocacy Services (ADWAS) for two years to write and direct a documentary addressing violence against deaf women. He wrote/directed/produced the short films, EXIT THE SUN and MATHER, inspired by the thoughtful and visually stunning films he grew up with. Today, Chase is working on a slate of personal projects and spends his free time catching up on movies.

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