CART, C-Print, TypeWell: Your Guide to Effective Speech-to-Text Solutions Webinar

Do you have questions about speech-to-text services or realtime captioning? We’ve got answers for you! Join us on April 11th from 1-2:15pm CT for a high-level webinar on all things speech-to-text services: what it is (an auxiliary aid that provides communication access), what it’s not (automatic speech recognition) and, what are things you need to […]

2024 ACEDHH Conference

The National Deaf Center is thrilled to be attending the 2024 Associati0n of College Educators – Deaf & Hard of Hearing (ACEDHH) Conference from February 1st – 3rd in Las Vegas, Nevada! If you’ll also be in attendance, we hope to see you there!

2024 NASPA Annual Conference

National Deaf Center is thrilled to be attending this year’s Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education 2024 Conference in Seattle Washington from March 9th – 13th.

Inside Higher Education: Student Success Conference

Group of people sitting in an audience setting. The individuals are dressed in various types of clothing and are engaged in some form of event or meeting.

NDC will be attending the Inside Higher Education: Student Success Conference this year in Los Angeles, CA from November 7th-9th, 2023!

Times Higher Education and Inside Higher Ed are convening higher education leaders from across the country to take a deeper dive into student success from a variety of perspectives. From defining and measuring student success, to innovative tools for providing personalized support, the event will facilitate debates about some of the most pressing issues facing administrators at colleges and universities across the country.

Collecting Student Input to Improve Student Engagement and Inclusion in the College Experience

This is a rectangular image depicting a classroom scene. In the foreground, there are two people—a girl and a boy—sitting closely together and looking at a laptop screen, both laughing joyfully. On the right side, another girl is focused on writing something. In the background, there are blurred images of other students, suggesting a busy and active learning environment.

Regarding accommodations for deaf students, the traditional planning process goes beyond the initial request. An individualized and ongoing approach is warranted to ensure full access to programs and services. Flexibility is key, as accommodations can evolve over time due to changing circumstances. Collecting student input is important to the overall engagement and inclusion on campus, […]

NAD Leadership Training Conference 2023

A poster for the NAD Leadership Training Conference that will take place from September 21-23, 2023 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The image includes brown, yellow and black hills with a hot air balloon.

The National Deaf Center will be attending this year’s NAD Leadership Training Conference (NLTC) in Albuquerque, New Mexico from September 21st to the 23rd!

Cerritos College Symposium

This image is taken at the beach with two people walking with surfing boards in their hands. It's a bright day with the sun coming through a mountain which is on the side of the image.

The symposium is a professional development event designed for educators, counselors, and other professionals working with Deaf and hard of hearing students. The goal of the event is to deepen attendees’ understanding of the unique needs of this population and explore evidence-based strategies for promoting their academic and social-emotional development. Through a series of workshops, […]

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