Specialized Classes & Training

Being committed to making education more personalized and accessible across diverse fields means considering how specialized classes and training programs can be more inclusive. Our focus is on breaking down barriers for deaf students, addressing both educational and professional disparities. True accessibility involves more than just offering courses; it requires a thoughtful examination of the necessary accommodations to ensure equal participation and success for all.

Three people are sitting at a table with flags from different countries. They seem to be engaged in a conversation about the flags.
Foreign Language Classes

In today’s global village, more and more deaf students are taking foreign language courses successfully. Navigating accessibility and course requirements for foreign language courses is not always as straightforward as they may be in other courses.

Group of men playing musical instruments, including a piano and a keyboard.
Music Classes

Hearing loss should not be the determining factor of whether a student will be able to participate and succeed in music classes. Effective accommodations can remove barriers and allow deaf students to equally participate.

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Commercial Driver's Licenses

A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) is required to drive certain commercial motor vehicles. This license requires specialized knowledge and training. Most drivers must earn a CDL through their home state. After completing training with a registered training provider, applicants can take the CDL skills test and/ or knowledge test. 

Group of people standing in a hallway smiling. They are wearing white doctor jackets. The hallway is full of windows.
Deaf Healthcare Students and Professionals

National data suggests that 3% of physicians have a disability, and among those with disabilities, 12% are deaf. Whether you are a healthcare professional, a student aspiring to enter the field, an administrator, or an advocate for inclusivity, breaking down barriers ensures equal opportunities for all.

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