Tips for Deaf Students: Caring for Your Mental Health

May 13, 2022

Full video description:

Video Description:

A close up portrait video of Isabella, a Latina non-binary feminine person with long, dark hair is wearing a black shirt, stud earrings, and a smart watch with Pride rainbow band, sitting in a wheelchair.  Isabella signs ASL.


I’m a Deaf college student. That means taking care of my mental health is really important.  Discrimination, access issues, and school work all impacted my mental health.  I want to show you five self-care methods that I like.

Video Description:

Isabella sits at a desk  in a school’s lounge area, working on a laptop. She stops typing and removes her hearing aids. Text reads, “Take a hearing break.”

Next, Isabella travels in their wheelchair on campus, down a sidewalk and past a large tree with their guide dog alongside.  Text: “Spend time outdoors.”

Now Isabella and a friend with long hair and glasses, stretch on yoga mats in the grass on campus. Lying on their stomachs,, they lift their upper bodies from Cobra to Upper Facing Dog pose. Text: “Do some yoga or stretching.”

Isabella sits on a concrete bench on campus, surrounded by trees. She’s reading a book. Text: “Read something not school-related.”

Sitting at a table in front of a green hedge, Isabella and 2 friends push strawn through the lids of their boba tea drinks. Text reads, “Enjoy a snack and chat with friends.”

A teal circle animates along with 2 banners. On the banners is text:

Tips for Deaf Students. Caring for Your Mental Health.

End of Accessibility Document

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