Tips for Deaf Students: Accessibility for College Life

Jun 2, 2022

Full video description:

Video Description:

Isabella, a Latina, non-binary feminine person with shoulder-length dark hair is wearing a grey v-neck tee shirt and an Apple Watch with rainbow band.  They are signing ASL in front of a white wall.


For Deaf students, the transition to college can feel overwhelming. Many schools have great accommodations for classes, such as interpreters and CART. But, access can be lacking in other parts, such as dining areas, dorms, and social areas. This is what I do to make my college experience more accessible.

Video Description:

Isabella signs, “I’ll show you,” and leans forward.  The video transitions to show Isabella’s view of typing in a text chat on their iPhone. Along the bottom third of the video, a heading reads, “Make your community aware of accessibility.”

The text conversation reads:

Isabella: Hi! I’m the resident that moved in yesterday. Are you the RA?
RA: Yes! It’s nice to meet you.
Isabella typing: It’s nice to meet you too! I wanted to get in touch with you to inform you about my needs as a resident. I’m deaf and wanted to discuss my accommodations with you.

Next, the heading reads, “Make sure your living space is accessible.”
A bed with a view out the window. A vibrating disk alarm sits on the mattress.
The disk begins moving across the sheets as it alerts.

Now a smart tablet is on a desk along with a notebook, pens, and cup of coffee.  The heading reads, “Use technology for communication.”

On the tablet, text is appearing in real time, indicating someone is speaking and the app on the tablet is converting speech to text.

Next is Isabella’s perspective as she sits at her laptop, viewing a disability access website. The heading reads, “Connect with your school’s accessibility office.”
Isabella opens a page titled, “Sign Language Interpreter Services.”

Green and teal circles animate to fill the screen. Two banners with text, “Tips for Deaf Students, Accessibility for College Life.”

End of Accessibility Document

Subtitles available in English

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