The More You Know: #AutismAcceptanceMonth, signbite #1

Apr 6, 2022

Full video description:

Video Description:

Isabella, a Latina, non-binary feminine person with shoulder-length dark hair is wearing a sleeveless black shirt with a high neck, white jeans, and a 3-chain gold necklace.  They are signing ASL in front of a white wall.


When I was growing up, people would always tell me “Isabella, quiet your hands; you need to keep your hands quiet.”

What they really meant was for me to be still. There is a behavior some autistic people do called “stimming”, meaning that we move our body when we need to release energy. Now, that’s not a bad thing, it’s just something that we need to do.  For example, when I stim, I’ll move, yet sometimes people find it strange or awkward.

With the deaf community I do feel a little more accepted because American Sign Language is not a “quiet hand” type of language. You need to have loud hands.


Video Description:

A teal circle animates as Isabella’s video fades away. 2 banners appear with the text, “The More You Know, #AutismAcceptanceMonth.”

Subtitles available in English

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