Summer Camp: Ben’s Story

Jul 14, 2022

Full video description:

Video Description:

Bright colors transition into a video of a Caucasian man named Bentley sitting on a lawn in front of a wooden panelled fence and small trees. He has a greying goatee and wears a long-sleeved buttoned shirt. He communicates using sign language.


My mom showed me a brochure and suggested I go to this summer camp. I was adamant that I not go. In fact, I was really offended by the idea of going to a deaf camp. I had a very hearing mentality then. All of the other campers began trickling in, arriving at camp, and I was overwhelmed. They

were all signing so fast, like lightning speed, and I was just like a turtle trying to keep up. After summer camp, when I was back home, I got to thinking. If I continued to acquire ASL, I would be able to have 100% understanding and access at a deaf school. I explained this to my mum and she needed no more convincing. She said, “let’s do it,” and began her search for a school for the deaf.

Video Description:

The video transitions into bright colors and text: Summer Camp: Ben’s Story.

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