FAQ: What resources will help me advocate with the DSS office?

May 21, 2020

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A dark-skinned man wearing a black t-shirt is standing in front of a white background. Text insert appears: “What resources will help me advocate with the DSS office.” He signs.
Need help advocating with the disability services office? Here are some resources to help you!
Build a support network!
Talk to your instructors about what accommodations you need in the classroom. Request a meeting with the disability services office with your instructor present. (Note, you do not need to disclose your disability to your instructor.)
Connect with other students who have advocated for what they need. Ask them what worked.
Be specific when discussing why you need the accommodations you are requesting.
Be prepared to explain why you are requesting the accommodations. Describe the barriers you have faced and how the requested accommodations will remove those barriers.
It is important that you are aware of and learn about laws related to accommodations for deaf students. Disability services offices and schools are required to provide accommodations to deaf students. Remember these laws and resources as you progress through school
Text insert appears: National Deaf Center’s Effective Communication and Accessibility Laws: Section 504 and ADA. National Association for the Deaf’s Advocacy letter for schools.
For example, National Deaf Center’s Effective Communication and Accessibility Laws: Section 504 and ADA and National Association for the Deaf’s advocacy letter for schools .
Become familiar with your school’s grievance, or complaint, process for students.
If you need to find out about the grievance process, information may be available in the Disability Services Student Handbook on their website. Or it could have been given to you during your first meeting with them. If you cannot find it online, ask the Disability Services office for a copy of the handbook.
Save all emails and document all contacts you have made with the Disability Services office including dates and and the type of requests in the order they happened. Write down important notes about each situation.
Keeping a copy of this information will be helpful in case you ever need to file a grievance or submit a complaint.
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