FAQ: What do I do if my video is slow, fuzzy or loses it’s connection?

May 21, 2020

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A dark-skinned man wearing a black t-shirt is in front of a white background. Text insert appears: “What do I do if my video is slow, fuzzy, or loses its connection” He signs.
If your video is slow or fuzzy, freezes or continues to lose connection, here’s what you can do:
If you’re taking an online class, disconnect Wi-Fi on your video games, extra laptops, iPads or even your cell phone to make sure you have a strong internet connection for your class.
When using your laptop it may be a good idea to plug in an ethernet cable or LAN line and not use Wi-Fi.
Make sure your laptop or iPad is fully charged at 100%.
Also, as your class time approaches, reboot your device, making sure that all of the programs, apps and windows are closed and only have your class windows open.
Before class starts, reach out to your instructors and ask them to have classmates stop sharing their video and mute their microphones during class.
If your online class is a live lecture, contact your professor and ask permission to have the class recorded in case of technical difficulties. If there is a problem, you can reach out to your DSS office and ask them to provide a transcript or captions. Or an interpreter could record themselves interpreting any parts of the class that were missed.
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