Engage for Change | local

Jun 26, 2017

For change to happen… we need YOU.

Watch this video to see how NDC is working with community members across the country to share ideas, strengthen community networks, identify & take actions and create systemic change. Let’s work together to promote greater postsecondary success for deaf people!

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Video description and transcript can be seen here.

“About EfC | local” video

[Begin visual description. Video. White background with text fading into color and growing larger reading “Engage for Change | local”. Text is black but “local” is in teal. Upbeat music plays and fades out when dialogue occurs. 

Next, a light skinned Latinx person appears in the middle of the screen from the waist up. They have brown hair that is shaved on one side, and cut short on the other, styled to drape across the forehead towards the side. They wear a short sleeve v-neck black shirt. Background is dark grey with a light spot in the upper center area from camera lights. They sign:

“How can we work together to support deaf success after high school?”

The video zooms in slightly on the person as they continue to sign:

“NDC is working with national experts and state leaders. But there’s someone else we need.”

A slight shift in frame but still on the figure as they sign:


The background switches to white and text fades in and grows bigger reading “FOR CHANGE TO HAPPEN, WE NEED YOU.” It is black with “CHANGE” and “YOU” in teal.

We return back to the person who signs:

“For change to happen, we can’t work in isolation. People need to be at the same table, working together.”

A slightly camera shift and zoom happens in between the past two sentences.

White background again with text fading in reading “YOU ARE PART OF A COMMUNITY” in black with “COMMUNITY” in teal.

We return to the person who signs:

“Parents, community members, professionals at the table together. (Camera shifts) Deaf. Hearing. Those who know ASL and those who don’t. Everyone is important.”

White background with text fading in reading “BE PART OF THE SOLUTION.” in black with “SOLUTION” in teal.

Back to the person onscreen signing:

“Every community has its own unique set of challenges and needs. That means they need unique solutions, too.”

Camera zooms in slightly and out.

“That’s why we need YOU at the table. Have a seat. Engage with your community. Share your experiences. Develop a plan. Let’s begin this work together.”

Music returns and text fades in over a black and white montage of different clips of different Engage for Change | local events. Text reads “Engage for Change | local” in white with “local” in teal. 

The clips show: 

  • The back of a person’s head with dark short hair and blazer standing at a laptop open to a video editing software. In front of that person are several round tables in an industrial styled loft warehouse with suspended lights and pipes on the ceiling, tables covered in white, folding chairs around them and many different people seated in them: black, white, light skin, dark skin, different ethnicities and genders as well. Some individuals are standing and walking while others sit and chat in sign language. 
  • A close up profile of a latinx male with short hair, a salt and pepper beard, wearing a black and white striped t-shirt and a patterned scarf. He signs to someone off screen. The background shows more individuals sitting at other tables, white blond female, white male with brown hair in a white button up, and others that are harder to see. New text appears in white underneath the original text reading “build relationships”.
  • As text appears, the clip changes to a woman with light skin and dark hair pulled back, wearing dark glasses standing against a wall and signing. The wall is white and to her right is a large framed drawing of a building from the top showing gazebos, solar panels on the roof, trees and landscaping. She looks towards the person whose back of head we see in the bottom right corner of screen. 
  • A slightly over the shoulder perspective of a white or light skin woman with long hair and bangs and a dark top sitting at a table and signing to someone off screen. Another woman sitting to her right with long lighter hair and bangs wearing a dark long sleeve shirt and silk scarf rests her crossed arms on the table and looks towards the first woman. Plastic cups sit on the table and more tables and chairs are seen in the background along with another male figure with beard and baseball cap.
  • “build relationships” rearranges into “share ideas” as the clip changes. A woman in all black with dark long hair stands at the front of a room in front of a projector screen that depicts teh NDC logo and part of the NDC logo text which is cut off by the screen. She signs as she looks towards her left to someone off screen. In front of her is a long rectangle table that is positioned perpendicular to the wall behind the woman standing. At the table is another female with long light hair sitting with her elbows propped on table and chin in her hands. She has a document and pen in front of her as she looks towards what seems to be an interpreter who has their head turned to look at teh standing woman. Gender is unclear, another person sits next to them in dark hoodie and light jeans also looking at standing woman. The walls are dark with white lines making large rectangles.
  • An older female appears on screen in a plaid dark and light shirt, grey hair, signing to someone off screen. Another older woman sits next to her with short dark hair and a light zip up sweater looks towards her Background is dark.
  • As the clip changes, “share ideas” transforms into “work together” and we see several people sitting in rows with large windows behind them. People are white, light skin, dark skin, male, and female. One wears glasses and the woman in the front has long dark hair and wears a light short sleeve shirt. They are all looking forward towards someone off screen.
  • A white woman with long blond hair stands with more windows behind her. She has a dark cardigan and a name tag. She is signing something that looks like “safe space” as she steps to the left and turns to look at someone off screen. 

The text and clip fades into white and a dark grey silhouette of the continental United States appears on the left. On the right, text appear reading “Engage for Change | local in communities near you.” in black with “local” in teal. Place markers appear on the map over states such as South Carolina, Ohio, New York, New Jersey, Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, Illinois, Wisconsin, Missouri, Texas, Oklahoma, Minnesota, Colorado, Utah, California, and Washington (REVISE THIS)

A white woman appears, waist up, facing the camera. She has long brown hair and wears a pink cardigan over a white V-neck top and long strands of pearls. She signs:

“Representatives from different organizations come together in one place.”

Next, a woman with light skin and short wavy dark hair wearing a grey long sleeve and a nose ring signs:

“We have passion. We have stories.”

Next, another female with darker skin and long wavy dark hair wearing a black top and a light cardigan over it, sitting in a room with windowed walls sign:

“We collaborate and share.”

Another woman appears with light color skin and dark hair pulled back wearing a red long sleeve shirt and watch. She stands in a room with white walls, dark patterned carpet, and framed art depicting trains behind her as well as round tables, books, and chairs. She signs:

“The community does have resources.”

A white man appears with short brown hair standing in the same room at a different angle with larger framed arts of trains and chairs behind him. He signs:

“We open our minds, collaborate.”

A Pacific Islander woman appears in a pink shirt and long dark hair. She stands underneath a staircase with a darkened background and tiled wall to her right. She signs:

“Then, develop an action plan.”

Another woman appears sitting in a white tufted armchair, light skin, unsure of ethnicity, dark glasses, a dark top, and green scarf. She has a star tattoo on her right wrist and watch and green bracelet on the other wrist. She signs:

“To lift up our community, our city.”

We return to the woman in the red shirt standing in the room with art depicting trains. She signs:

“We are accountable to each other.”

A man appears in the same room but different angle. He is white with long brown hair and beard and wears a black shirt that says “Deaf” and has more text underneath “adjective, a culture immersed…” He signs:

“And NDC provides ongoing support.”

We return to the first woman with pink cardigan and pearls. She signs:

“I feel like we ARE that community.”

White background appears with black text fading in reading “ARE YOU NEXT?” Text fades and the “#deafsuccess” parallelogram banner appears. Underneath is a link and email address in black: “nationaldeafcenter.org/local” and “[email protected]” The text fades and an animation of the NDC logo forming plays. It moves up to reveal “National Deaf Center” in larger letters and “on Postsecondary Outcomes” in smaller letters underneath. The logo moves to the right, separated by a vertical teal line, more small text appears reading: “This video was developed under a grant from the U.S. Department of Education, OSEP #HD326D160001. However, the contents do not necessarily represent the policy of the U.S. Department of Education, and you should not assume endorsement by the federal government.” Underneath, three logos appear. The first reads “IDEAs that Work” with an arrow drawing a circle from “IDEAs” to “Work” and the words “U.S. Office of Special Education Programs”. The second logo shows a red-and-blue star with text next to it that reads “TA&D”. The third logo shows a blue circle around a tree. In the blue circle are the words “U.S. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION.”

End visual description]

End of Accessibility Document

© National Deaf Center on Postsecondary Outcomes

Video licensed under Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 4.0 International

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