Deafverse World One, Badge 7: How can you be a self-advocate?

Feb 12, 2020

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Hands clasp in a handshake. Text: Smooth Operator. A cat robot speaks.
How can you be a self-advocate?
A woman signs.
A lot of people have misconceptions. There’s a stigma or assumption that deaf people can’t succeed. We have to prove ourselves often. We may not have to work as hard as people did before because of increased awareness that reduces barriers. The first time an organization has to hire an interpreter, they will ask if they have to pay. And I remind them it’s because you called the meeting. It requires patience and teachable moments. I hope one day soon, we won’t even have to think about accommodations.
A woman speaks.
In places like health care environments who don’t realize that when somebody requests an interpreter or when somebody says I need you to write that down that it’s not just a suggestion and that it shouldn’t be treated with annoyance either, because it’s something that is necessary for communication. And then on top of all of that, I feel like the thing that kind of drives all of this is that I wish professionals understood that deaf people are people just like hearing people. It’s nothing different. It’s just a little bit extra work that they might have to do.
Text: Deafverse. National deaf center dot org

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