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“About NDC” video

Video Description:

We see over the shoulder of Diego, a person with short brown hair, wearing a pink oxford shirt, as they wave “hello” to a room full of people sitting in folding chairs at round tables. Next, a view from the back of the room as participants sit, watching a video playing on an overhead projector.  In the audience, a DeafBlind woman faces a ProTactile interpreter.

A white screen fades in with the NDC logo and black text, “NDC National Deaf Center on Postsecondary Outcomes.”

Now we see Director, Carrie Lou Garberoglio, a white woman with shoulder-length brown hair, bangs, and wearing red glasses, a black shirt, and red pants, signing on a stage in front of a theatre of people. She is surrounded by projected slide presentations and live captioning on the screens. She signs, “there is a significant gap.”

Now in a similar setting, Associate Director Tia Ivanko, a black woman with shoulder-length dark brown hair, wearing black clothing, signing in front of an audience. A slide presentation is shown behind her. She is mid-sentence, signing, “inform parents in hopes they will…”

Several people reach out across a table covered in butcher paper covered in green cards and black unreadable writing.

A white screen with animated teal and green circles, NDC logo, and the text “We believe all deaf people can succeed.” Text is black except the word “succeed” is teal.

The video transitions to a faded black and white view of a black silhouette of a man sitting at a computer with his back to the camera towards the right side of the video. The computer screen displays a video editing software and has images and text and files. On the left side, a pie chart appears with an animation of nearly half the chart filling out in black with the rest in thick black diagonal lines. To the right of the chart, superimposed over the image of the man, black text fades in reading “48% deaf people employed.” “48%” is on top in large black text with “deaf people employed” in smaller text. “Employed” is shown in teal. The pie chart dismantles itself, the text disappears, and the screen fades into the next clip.

A deaf blind white man with short hair and an aqua and grey striped polo shirt sits in a grey armchair in a library. The arm of a black man in a grey t-shirt is seen on the right, using ProTactile with the blind man.. Large bookshelves filled with books are in the background. He signs:

My job search has been a real struggle.


The next clip shows a black woman standing inside a white interior in front of large glass windows with shoulder length dark hair and bangs, wearing a black scarf with tan and teal floral pattern, a dark tan top, and a cream open front sweater. She has a silver septum nose ring. She signs:

People have low expectations of me.


The video switches to a college-aged white boy standing in a gym with workout equipment behind him and two anatomy posters on the wall. He has short brown hair with sunglasses on top of his head and wears a grey t-shirt with cut off sleeves displaying three blue figures doing track and field sports and text reading “Toronto 2010” on front. He signs:


There are fewer opportunities.


The next clip is of a deafblind white woman with black glasses, long light brown hair, wearing a black t-shirt and a silver watch. She sits outside in a cafe setting with tables, chairs, and sun umbrellas in the background. A red cane lies on the table next to her. She signs:

It’s frustrating; there are so many barriers.


The next clip shows a white woman sitting next to a kitchen island with a large cream vase decorated with purple grapes holding pussywillows. The kitchen has dark grey granite counters, black cabinets, silver microwave and oven in the walls, and cream backsplash tiles. She has long brown hair and wears a light purple button up blouse with short sleeves and small ruffles down the front. On the island next to her is an FM system. She speaks::


Um, I was usually stressed out with, um, trying to get around, and everything was just fast-paced.


The video switches to a black man, Warren “Wawa” Snipe,  with long hair pulled back and in dreads, sitting in a darkened auditorium. Rows of chairs can be seen behind him with light shining under the cracks of two sets of doors in the back. He wears a tan long sleeve top with a cowl neck and wears a large gold ring. He signs:


I’ve struggled, succeeded, gone through frustrations and discrimination.


The next clip is of a bald white man wearing hearing aids sitting in a room with tan walls and a round conference table behind him. Behind him are two framed signs reading “Deaf Culture Crayons” over an image of a box of crayons and “Deaf Education” displayed on an image of a crossroads sign. Other framed pictures and posters are seen on the walls. He wears a light cream and grey polo with a microphone attached. He speaks:


I didn’t have a Deaf mentor to kind of help me find the right, right, the job with a good fit.


The next clip shows an Indian woman with shoulder length dark hair wearing a white long sleeve, an olive grey scarf, a silver bracelet, and a gold watch. She sits in a room with wood panel walls and large light sconces. She signs:


Sure, I’ve been turned down several times.


The next clip is of a bald black man with close cut stubble wearing wire-framed glasses. He wears an aqua polo with a black smart watch and sits in a living room with a cream fireplace mantle and a large framed print behind him. Green vases sit on the mantles and an armchair in front of the window is seen on the right. He signs:

Graphic design is a competitive field.


The video transitions into a faded black and white clip of a black girl reading a book sitting with her back against a bookshelf. An animated bar chart appears across the screen with large voiced over text on the left reading: Employment rates increase with education and training”. “Increase” is teal and in larger text. The bar chart is in dark grey and shows in rising succession: “High School/GED” “Some College” “Bachelor Degree” and “Master Degree + Higher”.

 The video switches to another faded black and white view of two students sitting with laptops on their laps and facing each other. The student on the left is an Asian male with a ballcap and t-shirt on. The student on the right is a white woman with dark glasses and long blond hair. A table sits in between. Another animated graph appears across the front showing two parabolic bars. The first one, shorter than the second, identifies “Deaf people with Bachelor Degree”. The second, taller one is “General Population with Bachelor Degree”. Text appears between the two bars marking “14% education gap”. “14%” is in larger text. On the left, large black voiced over text appears reading “But fewer deaf people receive bachelor’s degrees.” “fewer” is in teal.

Text and speech:
We want to change that.


The video transitions to a clip showing a blonde woman in a white sweater signing to someone off screen. More people sit at a round table behind her including a black woman with short platinum hair, a white man in a ballcap, a white woman with short brown hair, all signing to each other. The clip fades to black and white as black text appears on the front reading “Engage for Change | local” with “local” in teal. Underneath in bold letters read “LOCAL COMMUNITY CONVERSATIONS”. The faded background images switches to a clip of a black woman with short hair and glasses standing next to a shorter blonde white woman signing something to someone offscreen. It, then, switches to a camera pan moving past a white deafblind woman with long blonde hair and flannel button up sitting at a table with her hands on top of the hand of another white woman wearing black and signing something, an older white man appears in the corner. The clip transitions to a wide view of many people sitting at several round tables. There are white, black, and Asian people. The tables are covered in large white paper and water bottles. The background shows a board with paper cutouts of dolphins leaping from a row of paper cutout waves across the bottom.


We believe that system change must happen on the local, state, and national levels.


The original text fades out and the video switches to another set of clips. A faded black and white view of a raised auditorium filled with different people who are mostly white looks at a woman who has her back to the camera which pans across the room. Text appears across the front reading “Engage for Change | state” with “state” in teal. Bold letters underneath read “STATE IMPROVEMENT ACTIVITIES”. The next clips shows a close up of a black man, white blonde woman, and white man signing. There is a laptop open and cups on the table. The next clip is of an older woman with short dark hair and glasses speaking into a microphone she is holding with one arm out as if she is pointing. Next to her is a white man and a white woman looking at her. The clip switches to an over the shoulder perspective of another part of the auditorium. People sit in chairs as they look at someone off screen.

The text fades out and switches to another set of clips. A faded view of a bald white man writing on a whiteboard appears. The next text reads “Engage for Change | national” with “national” in teal. Underneath, bold letters read “NATIONAL TASK FORCES”. The clip transitions to a view of a black woman sitting at a conference table signing something to the group. Two other white woman sit behind her watching her. Then, a view of a white man with a dark beard signing with the corner of a laptop in front of him. Finally, a white woman with blond hair stands and signs. The tops of three heads can be seen surrounding her.

Text and speech: And on all levels of the system, we:

Share data and resources to support evidence-based decision making.


The video fades to a panning close-up of a laptop keyboard with hands typing. Black text across the front reads “Offer e-learning courses for professionals” with “courses” in teal.

Next, an over the shoulder view of several laptops and three people sitting around a long conference table. Only the torso, arms, and hands can be seen of two people with the third person sitting with their back to us. Black text across the front reads “Provide expert guidance to help you navigate complex situations” with “navigate” in teal.

The next series of clips are all in a faded desaturated color. They show a set of deaf individuals smiling with text across the bottom depicting their job titles. The first is of a white or latinx woman sitting in a lounge with several arm chairs in a circle behind her with long wavy dark hair wearing a grey blazer and black top. Text reads “University Professor”. Next is a latinx man with a salt and pepper beard and a button up short sleeve with small print. He sits in an open space with tiled floors. Text reads “Creative Account Executive”. Following is a black woman with short hair and light colored sweater. She sits in a classroom for young children, cubbies, shelves, rolled up paper, and a dark rocking chair is seen in the background. Text reads “Family Educator”. Next is a white man with short dark hair and goatee looking off screen and laughing. He wears a dark top and sits in a living room with a couch, lamp, and picture hanging on the wall. Windows and plants are seen behind him. Text reads “Lead Accessibility Solutions Engineer”. Following is the woman from earlier in the video who is sitting in the kitchen. Text reads “Acroyoga Instructor”. Then, a white man in a ball cap and t-shirt sitting in a warehouse with a decorated VW bus in the background and more shirts hanging on hangers. A bistro table and chairs with plants is seen behind him. Text reads “Brewmaster”. Next is an older white woman with short curly dark hair, a dark polo with a logo, and a light cardigan. She sits in a lounge with a couch and lamp behind her. Text reads “Deaf Services Agency Director”. Following is a white man with dark short hair and close-cut beard in a half zip sweater. He stands in a bare loft or warehouse. Text reads “Architect”. Next is the black man sitting in a darkened auditorium from earlier in the video. Text reads “Performing Artist”. Next is a white woman with short blond hair and dark glasses in a tank top sitting outside with trees and rocks behind her. Text reads “Curriculum Specialist”. Finally is a white man with short beard and hair wearing a dark shirt and standing in a hallway with health information posters on the wall. Text reads “Psychologist”.

The video fades to white. Black text fades in and reads “SUCCESS IS POSSIBLE.” with “SUCCESS” in teal. Underneath, an image of a long teal parallelogram with white text inside reading “#deafsuccess” fades in.

The video transitions to an animated graphic of the teal and green NDC logo being formed on a white background. The logo moves up to reveal black text reading “National Deaf Center” with “on Postsecondary Outcomes” in small letters underneath. The entire logo moves to the left. A long teal line forms down the middle and text on the right appears reading “This video was developed under a grant from the U.S. Department of Education, OSEP #HD326D160001. However, the contents do not necessarily represent the policy of the U.S. Department of Education, and you should not assume endorsement by the federal government.” Underneath, three logos appear. The first reads “IDEAs that Work” with an arrow drawing a circle from “IDEAs” to “Work” and the words “U.S. Office of Special Education Programs”. The second logo shows a red-and-blue star with text next to it that reads “TA&D”. The third logo shows a blue circle around a tree. In the blue circle are the words “U.S. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION.” End Video Description.]

End of Accessibility Document

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