Saul Orellana

A buzz cut brown haired person in glasses and blue long sleeve shirt smiling.

On a mission to change the education system for future deaf youth.

Jonah Winninghoff

A person wearing a red dress shirt with polka dots, smiling in front of a white wall.

Beyond crunching numbers, analyst delivers results with meaning and integrity.

Malibu Barron

A short brown haired person in a blue flower printed buttoned up blouse smiling.

Malibu Barron (she/her) is a Strategic Support Specialist with the National Deaf Center. She identifies herself as a Deaf Multiracial ciswoman, a second-year doctoral student in School Improvement at Texas State University. She received her BA in sociology and MA in School Counseling from Gallaudet University. She has provided numerous training, workshops, keynote, and spaces […]

Benjamin Suits Baer

This image is of a man standing and leaning on the wall. He is wearing a blue full-sleeve shirt. He has a smile on his face.

Benjamin has long been passionate about education and equal access. Born into a hearing family, he did not know ASL until college and found Deaf culture while at Rochester Institute of Technology. He received his master’s degree in Higher Education and Student Affairs Administration from Canisius College emphasizing his thesis on student affairs professionals and […]

Kate Lewandowski, M.S.

A long blond haired person in a light pink jacket smiling.

Kate Lewandowski has over 12 years of experience advising and coordinating access for deaf students in the postsecondary environment. Kate’s passion for outreach on topics of disability justice, access, and belonging is a deeply personal endeavor which stems from her experiences navigating systems as a deaf student. Kate earned her master’s degree in Disability Services […]

Karla Giese, EdD

A portrait of a long brown haired woman in glasses wearing green shirt and white cardigan smiling.

For Karla, deaf education has been a way of life.  Born hearing, Karla began losing her hearing as an infant and became profoundly deaf at a young age. Her parents chose to raise her with an emphasis on spoken language, using speech therapy, hearing aids, and FM systems while being educated in the mainstream setting. By middle […]

Michelle Morris

A person in black and yellow tipped dreadlocks in a blue blouse smiling for a photo.

As a strategist, content creator, program coordinator, researcher, journalist, and sometimes spokeswoman, she has always made sure to center a myriad of cultures and perspectives in her work. Currently, she serves as Director of Communications for the National Deaf Center on Postsecondary Outcomes.  In this role she  leads strategic communications to support people on their […]

Crescenciano Garcia

This image is of a man named Crescenciano Garcia who is standing in front of a building on which the name " George L Sanchez Building " is mentioned. He appears to be wearing a brown jacket with a T-shirt inside and is sporting an "I Love You" sign with the fingers on his right hand.

Crescenciano has provided access and served as a communication bridge via sign and spoken language interpreting for close to three decades. He has worked in multiple settings: business, academic, entertainment and religious. In 2015, Crescenciano became the only multi-lingual, multi-cultural sign language interpreter to have also played one on television, on a then-popular sign language […]

Brit Macias

A long brown haired person in blue striped blouse smiling in front of a white wall.

Brit Macias is a design maven who works in multiple media, and loves to solve problems. She has a bachelor’s degree in design and management from the University of Quebec in Montreal, Canada. She also studied animation in Paris, France. Since 2013, Brit had been working as a multimedia graphic designer, with 2D motion design […]

Chase Burton

This is an image of a man named Chase Burton. He is standing in front of a white wall. He is wearing a formal black jacket with a blue shirt and tie inside and also has eyeglass.

Growing up in southern California, steeped in movie culture with major shoots happening often in his hometown, Chase Burton has had a lifelong fascination with filmmaking. He lived in Australia for one year and studied film history & film theory. Returning to Los Angeles, he studied cinematography & screenwriting, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Cinema […]

William Albright

This is an image of a man named William Albright. He is standing leaning backward on a tree. He is wearing a thick fleece jacket and also has eyeglass. He has thick curly hair.

William Albright believes that the point of life is to live without unnecessary struggle. With a software development background, William uses computers to solve problems at scale but is also eager for human solutions. He found this balance in a National Deaf Center approach to postsecondary outcomes: Deafverse, a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure game that teaches Deaf kids […]

Kent Turner

A bald haired person in a blue buttoned up shirt and white polka dots smiling.

A game designer who aims to level up self-advocacy skills for deaf youth.

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