“Important Contribution to the Field” Praises Review of Book by Cawthon and Garberoglio

Published on May 1, 2019

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In March, a leading journal in deaf education published a glowing review of the book written by National Deaf Center’s leadership, praising that it “provides a thorough and important contribution to the field of postsecondary outcomes for deaf people.”

Co-authored by Director Stephanie Cawthon and Assistant Director Carrie Lou Bloom, the book “Shifting the Dialog, Shifting the Culture: Pathways to Successful Postsecondary Outcomes for Deaf Individuals” was published in 2017 by Gallaudet University Press to address critical issues that influence how deaf people reach their goals after high school – a vital mission that coincides with National Deaf Center’s work and outreach.

In her review in the Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education, Sara Schley from the National Technical Institute for the Deaf at the Rochester Institute of Technology writes “this book fills a large gap in the field.”

Schley notes that real-life examples and current research are combined in the book to reach a diverse audience of readers, and that Cawthon and Garberoglio employed resiliency models that emphasize how deaf people persist amidst barriers that reside in society and educational systems.

She adds “This volume thoroughly covers the range of systems, layers, and contexts that interact with people to shape their developmental trajectories. With this framework approach, this book covers a complex topic in detail and with multiple connections across diverse layers.”

Read the full review.
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