Congratulations, Class of 2020: Celebrating Your #DeafSuccess!

Published on June 9, 2020

This image has three sections with cartoon images of graduate students. The first section has an image of a cartoon image of a young girl in her graduation gown and hat with a diploma in her hands. The second section shows an image of a girl carrying a small banner with the text" WE DID IT" in her left hand and flaunting an "I Love You" sign with her right hand. The last section has an image of a male graduate student with a graduation gown and hat playing with a dog. On the Top center there is a hovering banner with the text " Congratulations Class of 2020!" and a hovering banner with the text " #DeafSuccess" at the bottom of the image.

Video description:


Dear Class of 2020,

Congratulations on your graduation! Everyone at the National Deaf Center is thrilled to celebrate you, your hard work, and all the people who helped you get here.

Now more than ever, graduates like you are the brightest hope of our future. You matter — your stories, your goals, your dreams — and you are already on a path for creating a better world. Keep pushing for change, keep true to yourself, and keep aiming high.

And keep up the momentum by sharing your #DeafSuccess far and wide! Download and use our social media banners to announce your graduation. There are even special banners for parents and caretakers to show their pride in you.

Graduation is a major milestone you will remember forever. Now your next chapter awaits!

The NDC Team

P.S. Don’t know what comes next? That’s okay, too. NDC has lots of transition resources to help you define goals, make a plan, and achieve your dreams. And remember: NDC’s Help Team is always here for you — ready to answer your questions, provide additional resources, or connect you with people to move forward.

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