Digital Badges

What are NDC badges?

Open badges are verifiable credentials earned by participation in and completion of NDC sponsored activities. Badges  are a visual representation of participant learning journeys, accomplishments, and mastery; and serve as documentation for engagement in online learning, webinars, and targeted activities. Badges are transferable from NDC to  personal and professional online profiles.

Learners will earn one badge per activity completed. Badges reflect participation, knowledge, skills and abilities gained from specific activities. Motivational badges may also be earned to show progression, achieving milestones, accumulating experience, and rewards for completing learning pathways. Learners may collect badges in a non-linear manner or select an established pathway.

Frequently Asked Questions

Badgr is a digital platform that was chosen by NDC to provide visual recognition in the form of "badges" for achievements made by participants of our online learning opportunities.

By creating a free account on Badgr, you can store all of your badges in a Backpack to keep track of your achievements. Badges are stackable as you complete pathway steps, and can be viewed, shared, downloaded, printed, and removed via your Backpack.

NDC open badges are verified credentials to reflect participation and completion of continuing education activities sponsored by NDC.

Module completion is how Badgr is signaled to award badges. Students earn badges in a module by setting module completion requirements in Canvas. Module completion requirements can be set based on a combination of assignment grades, quiz scores, submission, content viewed, and module prerequisites. More information on learning how to set Canvas module completion requirements to customize how students earn on their badges can be found on the Setting Module completion requirements guide.

Badges are stored in Canvas and your Badgr account, you can create a badgr account by going to Badgr

In Badgr , you can share single badges or badge collections with users, from an award email, from within Canvas, or directly to various social media platforms from a user's Backpack. Badge collections. Here is how to share your badge: view and share your badges with Badgr.

Yes, The certificate displays the Open Badges metadata including the badge name, image, issuer name, recipient information, expiration and date of the award.


1. Sign in to your Badgr account.

2. From the Backpack menu, select one of your badges.

3. From the badge detail page, select the ellipsis and then select Print certificate.