Who is responsible for providing stethoscopes for deaf students?

Sometimes academic programs require students to have specific equipment such as stethoscopes. If the institution provides stethoscopes for all students in a medical program, the institution is responsible for ensuring the deaf student has access to an adaptive stethoscope (e.g. amplified or digital stethoscope). Institutions can purchase one and loan it to deaf students. If all students are required to purchase their own, deaf students would need to as well. Deaf students may be able to get support with purchasing assistive technology through vocational rehabilitation or a state technology assistance program.

When seeking a stethoscope that is compatible with hearing aids or cochlear implants, deaf students should consult with their audiologist. To learn more about the types of stethoscopes available for deaf people, see lists provided by the Association of Medical Professionals with Hearing Losses and the Job Accommodation Network.

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Updated on July 29, 2022

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