What can I do to celebrate Deaf Awareness Week?

Deaf Awareness Week started as a day-long event in 1958 by the World Federation of the Deaf. Whether you want to learn about deaf culture, or learn sign language , seek opportunities to engage with deaf people in your community.

Partner with a deaf organization to host a campus and community event. Engaging directly with deaf people and the deaf community is the best way to learn!

Spotlight deaf history, famous deaf people, and current events. Research and share information on social media platforms, posters or a webpage.

Invite deaf people to share their experiences. Host a guest lecture (in-person or online) with a deaf researcher, coordinate formal/informal discussions with a deaf person (e.g., a lunch & learn) or a panel with several deaf people.

Host a deaf-centered movie night or series. Show documentaries and films about deaf culture. Be sure the film is accessible with open or closed captions. Include a “Q & A” session with deaf community members.

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Updated on July 29, 2022

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