What are the modules/courses in each category?

Foundation Modules: 

  • Deaf 101
  • Attitudes and Biases as Barriers for Deaf People
  • Exploring System Barriers and Discovering the Why
  • Transforming Systems
  • Legal Frameworks 101

Content Modules: 

  • Accommodations 101
  • Coordinating Deaf Services
  • Speech-to-text Services 101
  • OnDemand Webinar: What are Assistive Listening Systems?
  • Introduction to Remote Accessibility Services
  • Introduction to Sign Language Interpreting Services
  • Caption Media 101
  • Designing Accessible Online Experiences for Deaf People
  • Test Equity for Deaf Students
  • Using UDL Principles for Teaching Deaf Students Online

Elective Modules: 

  • Exploring and Using Data
  • Building Relationships with Deaf Communities
  • OnDemand Webinar Topics
  • Commencement for All, Making Graduation Accessible
  • Preparing Access Services for Deaf College Students- Tips and Resources
  • Does Auto Captioning Effectively Accommodation Deaf People
  • Deaf People Leading the Way
  • For Deaf People, by Deaf People
  • Mentoring Deaf Youth leads to #deafsuccess

Implementation Courses: 

  • Improving Campus Access
  • Advance Practices in Coordinating Deaf Services: Evaluating and Managing Services Using Data


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Updated on July 7, 2023

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