What are some considerations when coordinating service providers for classes with a restricted capacity of people allowed in the classroom?

If your school offers in-person classes with a limited seating capacity following safe distancing measures, don’t forget to add the interpreter and/or speech-to-text providers in the room count. Notify the instructor and the department as soon as possible to ensure the service provider (or team of providers) is included in the official room count.

If providing interpreters or speech-to-text services for in-person classes is not possible, discuss with the student about using remote services. Consider the following arrangements:

  • The student attends the class in-person while the service providers are remote (on campus in another location or from an off-campus location).
  • The service providers are in the classroom while the student utilizes remote services from another location.
  • If the class is available online to remote participants, the student and service providers can also consider the following:
    • The student and service providers can meet in another room on campus while streaming the class or
    • The student and service providers can access the course from separate remote locations, while staying online only.

While remote services may appear convenient, please review the guiding questions in the Providing Remote Access Services tool. This tool covers the technical capacity needed and potential barriers to the course format that the student and service providers may experience.

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Updated on July 29, 2022

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