How many clock hours are in this certificate track?

Total Clock Hours: 35 Hours

  • 5 foundations modules (5hrs) – The foundation modules set the groundwork for further exploration and learning. Participants will complete (5) 1-hour modules to increase knowledge and awareness of the diverse experiences of deaf people in postsecondary education and training settings. Participants will strengthen their understanding of the impact of root causes and systemic barriers on enrollment, persistence, and completion of postsecondary outcomes for deaf people. Foundation modules are self-selected from any category: deaf awareness, systems knowledge, or accessibility practices.
  • 10 content modules (10hrs) – Participants must complete (10) 1-hour content modules provide introductory and intermediate topical content related to providing accommodations or coordinating access services. These modules will increase your ability to effectively use technology to provide access and accommodations and your ability to implement evidence-driven accessibility practices and strategies that center a deaf person’s experience. Content modules all fall within the category of accessibility practices.
  • 5 elective modules (5hrs) – The elective modules are an opportunity to customize your learning and expand on concepts that relate directly to the experiences of deaf individuals in postsecondary education and training settings.  Participants will self-select (5) 1-hour from any category: deaf awareness, systems knowledge, or accessibility practices.

  • 1 implementation course (15hrs) – The implementation course(s) are opportunities for targeted topical learning in a collaborative community of practitioners. These courses are a 3-week hybrid commitment; most work is asynchronous; however, scheduled synchronous meetings by Zoom are required. Implementation courses offer peer engagement, customized guidance and support from course facilitators, and an opportunity to create an artifact to improve or change practice at your institution.
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Updated on July 7, 2023

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