How can I connect my hearing aid or implant to access my online courses at home?

Check with your audiologist to see if the following options below are available to allow your personal hearing assistive device to stream audio from a computer, tablet or other device. Ask your school to continue to use the FM/DM system while accessing online content at home.

  • Direct Audio Input
    • Some personal hearing devices can connect directly using a hardwired cable to a computer or other electronic device. (Note: Cochlear implant users should NEVER use the direct audio input cable to connect to a computer or any electronic device that is plugged into the wall. There is always the risk of electric shock and stray electric currents during a surge that could make its way into the internal cochlear implant device!)
  • Telecoil
    • Ensure the telecoil is turned on/active to stream audio from the connected device. If you find that the telecoil audio is softer than with the microphone activated, you may need to have your audiologist/hearing aid dispenser properly re-program the telecoil output.
  • Streamer
    • Check the instruction manual (or with your manufacturer) on how to connect your computer or tablet with a streamer to access the sound directly to your device.
  • Connecting personal FM/DM systems
    • Place the FM/DM system microphone next to the computer/tablet speaker or connect a direct audio input cable from FM/DM microphone transmitter.

For more information, please see the Tipsheet.

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Updated on July 29, 2022

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