Summer Programming

“Last summer I attended Youth Leadership Camp. . . At first, I was highly anxious to go, but going changed everything for me in terms of personal growth and confidence”

Summer programs for deaf youth can provide a break from daily routines or an opportunity to participate in recreational activities, but also provide support as they prepare for life after high school.

Summer Camp Resources

Are you looking for activities and resources to use in your summer camp? Take a look at what NDC has to offer!

  • DeafverseA choose-your-own-adventure online game created just for deaf teenagers, where they can learn important skills for success in high school and beyond. Players get to make their own choices, stand up for themselves, and build confidence and skills they can use in real life.
  • Choose Your Future Activity Kit: Help deaf students set goals and continue to build self-determination skills through the summer. The activity kit is designed for high school students ready to start the next stage in their lives, but can work for anyone who is making a big change. The worksheet encourages self-determination development with questions about themselves, their identities, their interests, their strengths, and what they want to achieve in their lives.”
  • #DeafSuccess media resources: Showcase role models for deaf youth and promote better understanding of the experiences of deaf people. We welcome you to use with campers and/or link to your websites or social media accounts with videos that provide a deeper look at each deaf person’s journey.

From Our Video Library

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As a child, Alison attended a mainstream school during the school year and participated in deaf camp each summer as a balance. She describes how…
Topic: Developing Summer Programs
Carlos compares his experiences at a traditional hearing camp to being a staff member at a camp for deaf campers….
Topic: Developing Summer Programs
Felix relates his experiences at DeafBlind camp in Washington and how they helped him cultivate a sense of pride in his identity….

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